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Happy Easter: The 100 Best Easter Eggs of All-Time

Courtesy Ryan Taljonick, Henry Gilbert, GamesRadar.com


Happy hunting

The tradition of hiding little secrets for gamers to find is as old as the medium itself. Sometimes, an Easter Egg is just a funny character moment or a memorable bit of absurdity; other times, you’ll get a few mind-bending plot secrets for your troubles. But all these Easter Eggs have something in common: they’re really hard to find. Unless, of course, you have the Internet pointing them out for you. *ahem*

We collected 100 of the greatest Easter Eggs that were ever secreted away in gaming history, and compiled them here for your easy browsing. Some are timeless classics; others were just discovered in the most recent games. We dug deep to unearth these gems, so we bet at least a few will be new to you. Such as…

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