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$99 OUYA Gets Its Official Retail Release

Courtesy Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch


The Android-powered OUYA gaming console is celebrating its official first day of general retail availability today, a major milestone to be sure for the Kickstarter-funded piece of hardware. Many thought it would never make it this far, and that it would be vaporware before anyone actually got a chance to go and purchase one, but founder Julie Uhrman and her team have made good on making sure it hit store shelves in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, listed right alongside the marquee consoles by Sony, Xbox and Nintendo.

The $99 device offers over 170 games, all of which must have some kind of free-to-try component, along with media apps like Plex and TuneIn. OUYA also touts its large committed developer base, which has over 17,000 studios and game creators signed on to deliver content for the console, including Double Fine Productions. The console ships with one controller, and you can add another for $49.99. As of this writing, the launch seems to be going decently well, as Amazon.com is already showing the console as out of stock.

So far, OUYA hasn’t received the best of early reviews. Most have found its user experience lacking, and the pre-release version was definitely a “beta” release. Virtually everyone who got their hands on a backer edition expressed hope that the console would receive more polish, along with hardware fixes when it actually shipped. And now that it has, critics are going to go back to the well for a second drink, in the hopes that the OUYA team has made some considerable advances in the ensuing two month period.

Yet not all backers could even form an early opinion about the console. OUYA employed a staggered shipping strategy to reach all of its backers, with a timeline that was supposed to ensure everyone got a console before they become generally available. OUYA’s Uhrman sent out an update to backers this morning apologizing for not getting the console in backer hands before the public release, and shifting blame to their distribution partner, to DHL, and to backers with located internationally.

Delays for backer reward shipments on Kickstarter are nothing new, but it is very rare to see a product hit general market availability before getting out to the project’s first supporters. OUYA appears to be stumbling out of the gate in more ways than one, but at least now the product is out there in non-beta form, and ready to prove itself as a real consumer product, or, alternatively, to fail in the court of public opinion.


OUYA to Launch with Over 100 Game Titles

Courtesy Mellisa Tolentino,  SiliconAngle

The $99 gamebox, OUYA, began shipping in late March to early Kickstarter investors.  As for the rest of the world, gamers would have to wait until June 4, 2013, when the gamebox officially launches in the market.

As previously reported, there are almost 500 games slated for Ouya, but gamers should not expect to see popular game titles as the company wants to be known as the friendliest gaming platform.  Ouya wants to be the go to hub for indie game developers.  There will be 104 titles available when Ouya officially launches in June.

OUYA Launch titles:

  • Abbigale and The Monster
  • A Fist of Awesome
  • Airstrike
  • AmpGear
  • Around the Rock Disc Golf
  • A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks
  • Barley-Break
  • Beast Boxing Turbo
  • Blood
  • Bubblr
  • Bunibon 2
  • Canabalt
  • Chomper Deluxe
  • Combat Demonstration
  • Command Crisis: Callsign
  • ConSoul – x86 PC Emulation
  • Deep Dungeouns of Doom
  • Donut Get!
  • Dubwars
  • EMUya – NES Emulation
  • Escape
  • Escape F2P
  • EVAC
  • Farm Invasion
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Fist of Fury
  • Flying Car
  • Forsaken Planet
  • Gamius Type IV
  • Giana Sisters
  • God Of Blades
  • Grow
  • Guns N Glory WW2
  • Gunslugs
  • Happy Vikings
  • Hexicheckers
  • Highway Rally
  • Ice Rage
  • iMech Online
  • Jelly Bounce
  • Jsidd Code Factory
  • King of Booze
  • King of the Hill
  • Kinito Ninja
  • Knightmare Tower
  • Lemming Rampage 2
  • Lord of Portals
  • Maze City
  • Monocle Man
  • Mosaic
  • Multi Space
  • Mupen64Plus – N64 Emulation
  • Natural Soccer
  • One Tap Hero
  • Orbiter
  • Organ Trail
  • Paper Wings
  • Phoenix Revival
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Pingo: Puzzle Poker
  • Pixel Pig Deluxe
  • Pix n Love Rush
  • Polarity
  • Powerups That Kill
  • Proton Pulse
  • Puddle
  • Puzzle 2
  • Quizania
  • Radiant
  • Rage Runner
  • RED
  • Regular Ordinary Boy
  • Riding Rhodri
  • Saturday Morning RPG
  • Save the Puppies
  • Shuttle Rush
  • Skymaze 3D
  • Sophia’s World
  • Space Buggers
  • Space Repair Inc
  • Space Sokoban
  • Space Tech Quality Assurance
  • Spin Wars
  • Square Off
  • Stalagflight (Julie Uhrman’s favorite game)
  • Star Shipping
  • Striker Soccer Euro 2012
  • Stupid Zombies 2
  • Subatomic Kangaroo World Tour
  • Super Daddio 2
  • SuperGNES – SNES Emulation
  • Swindler
  • Syder Arcade
  • The Amazing Frog
  • The Ball
  • The Little Crane that Could
  • The Secret Universe of Alpha
  • The Vestibule
  • Tower Master
  • Twitch.tv
  • Vector
  • Wizorb
  • Word Shaker
  • Zombies & Trains

Though the games may not be popular, the sheer number of available titles upon launch could entice gamers to actually purchase Ouya.  If not, the sleek design of the gamebox may just do the trick.

The Ouya gamebox is a small black and silver grey box that has a little bit of weight in it to prevent it from toppling over when the wires are connected.  It has a minimalistic design – a power button on the top panel, name of early investors written on one of the side panels, the ports are found in the back and the bottom has an exhaust to keep the gamebox cool while in use.  As for the controller, it looks like your typical game controller complete with the a power button, two analog joysticks that are clickable, directional pad and face buttons that has the company’s brand on it, as well two shoulder bumper buttons, analog trigger buttons at the back, and a touch pad located between the power button and LED indicator lights.

OUYA available on June 4 for $99

Courtesy Engadget

OUYA available at retail on June 4 for TKTK DNP

The Android-powered $99 OUYA game console becomes available at retail on June 4th — a date which was revealed this week during the Game Developers Conference. OUYA’s calling June 4th its "official launch date," despite Kickstarter backers receiving units starting this month. Essentially, the two month waiting period between Kickstarter boxes and retail availability is being used as a consumer beta, giving OUYA time to adjust its software after getting feedback from early adopters.

It’s not clear if bundles will be available, but the game console itself and a controller (as well as power and HDMI cables, plus two AA batteries for the controller) are included in the $99 package. Major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others are on board, so it shouldn’t be too hard locating one in June should your interest be piqued — and yes, pre-orders are available. Of course, it’s a pretty small game console, so it might be a bit tough locating the thing with your eyes.