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Cops Fail to Investigate Years of Corruption Due to Lost Password

Courtesy John Johnson, Newser

For the last eight years, a watchdog agency in India has diligently collected hundreds of corruption complaints about the Delhi police and forwarded them to the department. Not a single one has been acted upon. Conspiracy? Coverup? Nope, just good old-fashioned incompetence. Turns out, the police department didn’t know the computer password to access the complaints, reports the Indian Express.

The Central Vigilance Commission finally thought to ask the department why none of the 667 complaints it has forwarded since 2006 have been addressed, and the department chalked it up to a "technical issue," reports theBBC. And by that it meant that it didn’t know how to get into the appropriate online portal. Two officers have now received the proper training, passwords and all, presumably.


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