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Windows Phone Development 101

Courtesy Nick Randolph, VisualStudioMagazine.com

Since the initial release of Windows Phone, Microsoft has been working to remove the obstacles to building applications for the platform. Recently, there’s been a lot of focus on widening the base, with resources designed to make it easier for both inexperienced mobile developers (for example, the Windows Phone App Studio ) and for developers building for other platforms (such as the documentation for Porting Your App to Windows Phone). However, after reading some of the initial Getting Started guides and perhaps building some simple applications, many developers often wonder what to do next, or how to improve the quality of the applications they build. In this article you’ll learn some of the tools, technologies and techniques to know if you want to develop Windows Phone applications for a living.

The starting point for all Windows Phone developers, new and experienced, is the Windows Phone Dev Center. The Dev Center has links to download the SDK, which includes all the tools needed to get started designing and developing for Windows Phone. It also contains the dashboard through which developers submit their applications for certification and publishing. Lastly, it contains links to further training material, code samples and partner resources.

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