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Looking for Comments from my Valued Readers


Hi All. I’d like to thank you for the success of my blog so far. I’m very happy with it but I’m looking for feedback from you my readers to make it better. I’m fairly new to this so I may be missing the boat on some features which would make this site better for you. A couple of things I’d like to know. Are their any features missing that you would like to see? What type of articles draw you here? Programming, Security, Gadget news, maybe all. Let me know what categories you like and which ones you don’t like. Also, lets talk comments. I get a ton of comments but they all show up as spam and get deleted. Please let me know if you have sent a legitimate comment which has not made it to the blog. Do you have like the length of the articles. Do you prefer the short articles with the Read More link or would you prefer the entire article posted in one. Would you like more graphics? What devices do you few the blog on?  All your comments are welcome. Thanks again.


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