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Amazon Shows Love for Indie Game Developers

Courtesy Kyt Dotson,  SiliconAngle

Amazon announced today that they would be entering the indie video game scene with a new store on their website focused entirely on this particular niche of video game development. Indie developers for a long time have become the art-filled mayhem of the gaming market versus the glitz-and-glam of the triple-A game makers, and while some of them go on to fame and glory (see: Minecraft) often many indie games get pushed out of the limelight.

Citing the plight of indie developers who don’t have the beaux coup bucks to market themselves, Amazon has revealed the Indie Games store category and its companion the Indie Spotlight.

Right now the Indie Spotlight is running an interview with developers Mike Roush and Alex Neuse, co-founders of Gaijin Games. The interview is short, wacky, but heartfelt—and it really highlights what it’s like being small businesses and indie developers in the video game market. After all, most independent development also means that game makers (who are often individuals in garages or art students) must also find a way to market and sell their games.

To celebrate their release of this category—which feels oddly empty right now with only 200 games from a market that has thousands—Amazon has big plans:

  • Indie Spotlight – The Indie Spotlight puts the focus on developers with Q&A and featured bios to give customers a glimpse of each developer’s style and personality. We’ll feature a different indie developer every week starting today with Gaijin Games.
  • Indie Bundles – Starting today until July 23rd, gamers can get great deals on Indie Bundles and increase their collection. These bundles are made up of 5, 6, or 10 games each, and will cost $9.99, which is a discount of up to 90% off if purchased separately.
  • Gift with Purchase – Starting today until July 17th, customers who purchase any indie title from the Indie Games Store, will receive codes to redeem 3 pre-selected titles for free. The games change daily and each purchase entitles customers to 3 free games, so customers are encouraged to check often.
  • Indie Gamer’s Choice– To help connect gamers and developers, we’re introducing the Indie Gamer’s Choice program, where gamers can get involved. The Indie Gamer’s Choice positions two indie games head-to-head and allows players to vote on their favorite title to become the Indie Gamer’s Choice, which is featured in the store.

As a long time fan of numerous indie games, including Minecraft, I’m looking forward to Amazon becoming part of giving indie developers another platform to sell their wares. Already Steam’s Greenlight and the Humble Indie Bundle have done great work. Look in the Amazon store for games such as “Don’t Starve” by Klei Entertainment, “FTL: Faster than Light” by Subset Games, and “The Bridge” by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.

Amazon will first approve games before they appear in the storefront, but if you are an indie game developer contact them at  find-more-gamers@amazon.com.


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