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Working with TypeScript in Visual Studio 2012

Courtesy Gaston Hillar, DrDobbs

Using Visual Studio makes working with TypeScript easy and helps reveal subtleties of the language implementation and code generation.

In Microsoft TypeScript: The Lay of the Land, I focused on the TypeScript Playground and provided a brief overview of the main goals of TypeScript and its support for types, interfaces, and classes. I explored IntelliSense, autocomplete, syntax, and error highlighting features in TypeScript Playground. The Playground is really useful for easily understanding TypeScript features and how they are translated to plain JavaScript; however, you won’t code all your TypeScript files in the Playground.

As an alternative, you can download and install the command-line TypeScript compiler and use it in conjunction with your favorite editor. At the time of writing, the latest TypeScript version is, and the only IDE that has a plug-in utilizing the TypeScript language service in the code editor is Visual Studio 2012. The latest TypeScript version with the Visual Studio 2012 plug-in is available for download. Notice that the most current version is in the last row that appears in the "Files in this download" grid; therefore, you have to pay attention to the numbers before clicking on the Download button for the desired version. The grid is a bit confusing and you will want to be careful to download the latest version and not previous versions (see Figure 1). Before you finish the installation of TypeScript for Visual Studio 2012, a dialog box will prompt you to restart your system for the configuration changes to take effect.

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