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Create your own Music App with Echo Nest

Courtesy Marc George, NETMagazine

Build an OpenEMI music app with Echo Nest

The Echo Nest offers a great API for creating apps using content licensed via the OpenEMI initiative. Marc George explains how to use it to build an app to play Gorillaz tracks

This article first appeared in issue 233 of .net magazine – the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers.

Last November, EMI Music teamed up with music intelligence platform The Echo Nest to provide developers with access to an incredible collection of music-related assets. Including material from high profile and well-loved artists such as Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Tinie Tempah, Professor Green and many others. This collaboration represents the most extensive collection of licensed music, video and images to ever be made available in this way.
The Echo Nest provides a fantastic developer API that will not only serve up the assets but can also analyse audio tracks and provide detailed metadata about them. If you’re into music, The Echo Nest API has some amazing tools to build mashups and apps with.

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