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Visual Studio Update 2 available for download now with Blue UI

Courtesy Jolie O’Dell,, Venture Beat

Update 2 is now available for download, bringing a few interesting new features for developers.

Microsoft’s actually quite magical IDE now contains features that let devs focus on agile planning, Windows Store development, quality enablement, and line-of-business development. Overall, Microsoft reps say, this latest version of Visual Studio aims to improve the general developer experience.

Following the agile development trend, the last VS update in November 2012 gave devs new options for project tracking. Today’s release builds on those updates with Kanban board customizations, work item metadata/tagging, more email support, and other features.

“Quality enablement” refers to enhanced support for test cases and unit testing, and “line-of-business” support means VS will now be a better tool for devs who need to quickly build HTML and JavaScript apps that run on any browser, including mobile web browsers.

Most of all, though, Microsoft wants to continue to make VS magical for developers as their go-to IDE. The VS code map, Workflow designer, and debuggers have been upgraded, and the XAML design surfaces in Blend and the VS editor has been boosted for speed and reliability. There’s even a new, blue-colored theme for the UI.

“As developers spend so much of their time using the IDE, it’s important that Visual Studio provide as streamlined an experience as possible.,” writes S.Somasegar on the company blog. “Namaste!”

Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/04/04/visual-studio-2012-2/#4XzQWgqealfgp8xP.99


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