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Super-Seeing Software Ready To Download

From David Conrad,  i-programmer.info

We reported on Eulerian Magnification about a year ago. It is a very simple technique that can be used to let you see things that are beyond the range of normal human vision. Now the MIT research group has released its software for us all to use.

Eulerian magnification is a signal processing technique that can extract data in a video stream that is certainly there but cannot normally be noticed by a human observer. The problem for the human is that the eye can’t keep track of the changes in color at a particular point in an image. This is partly because the eye isn’t very good at tracking temporal changes and partly because it also needs to track the movement of the point of interest in the visual field.

This might be hard for a human, but for a computer it is much easier. A group of researchers at MIT CSAIL and Quanta Research Cambridge, MA has applied very fundamental image processing techniques – spatial decomposition and temporal filtering – to standard video to show details that are normally very hard, if not impossible, to see. It works by tracking color variations in time at fixed locations in the image.



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