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The Next 10 Tech Markets That Will Be Worth $1B +

Courtesy Business Insider

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Social e-commerce is going to be BIG.

New tech industries start small but can grow into permanent, billion-dollar slices of infrastructure. Sometimes that seems to happen overnight — like with smartphones.

And sometimes it takes years — like with the dumbphones that grew like mold from the mid-1990s through the late 2000s.

And now, for example, the prevalence of smart mobile devices has spurred the mobile app industry, an entirely new piece of infrastructure which supports thousands of companies and billions of dollars in sales.

There is a discussion going on over on Quora about which industries are poised to gain the next $1 billion.

We pulled out a few of the most interesting and explored why they’re set to explode.

Click here to see the next $1 billion tech markets >


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