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Microsoft adding more content to Xbox Live this week

Courtesy Engadget

Microsoft adding more content to Xbox Live this week, including PopcornFlix, Toys R Us movies and a refreshed MLBtv app

Mo apps, mo couch entertainment, right? Well, in order to boost the attributes of its mature gaming console and Xbox Live, Microsoft today announced it’s bringing some additional content to the ever-evolving platform. To go along with the recent inclusion of Redbox Instant, Redmond this week — and just in time for the new season, shall we say — will welcome an MLB.tv app with a redesigned interface and other undisclosed features that, according to the company, should "make watching baseball on Xbox better than ever." What’s more, Microsoft didn’t just have MLB lovers in mind, and is also giving film buffs, both young and old, something to look forward to with a few new applications, such as IndieFlix, PopcornFlix and Toys R Us movies — oh, and for those who fancy internet-based TV shows, there’s a Revision3 app, to boot. As is often the case, the countries in which they can each be enjoyed will depend on where you live (and a Gold subscription, of course), so now may be a good time to peruse the PR after the break to find out which of these you can expect to see on your Dasboard.


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