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Hackers Team Up To Steal $40,000 in Subway Gift Cards

courtesy Gizmodo.com

Hackers Team Up To Steal $40,000 in Subway Gift Cards If that $3 million credit-card stealing scam that hit Subway in 2011 didn’t convince you to stop using your credit card there (or stop going all together), you might want to consider it again. Recently released documents show that another pair of ne’er-do-wells are accused of running a similar scam on the restaurant for an additional $40,000. In gift cards.

Shahin Abdollahi, aka "Sean Holdt," and Jeffrey Thomas Wilkinson of San Bernadino are accused of doctoring at least a dozen point-of-sale computers and selling them to different Subway restaurants through a front company. Later using remote access, the pair would load thousands and thousands of dollars onto Subway gift cards using stolen credit card numbers. Not content with an effective lifetime of five-dollar footlongs, they then went to turn around the gift cards on eBay. Apparently people buy Subway gift cards. On eBay.

And as weird as that may sound, it’s looking more and more like that’s a better bet than handing over your credit card at the local Subway. While this particular scheme wasn’t nearly as all-out crazy as the one from 2011, it still sucks if your plastic is being used to buy foot-longs for thifty, eBay-ing gift card buyers. You might want to use cash next time. [Ars Technica]


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